Cleaning agents of Omega-Super
Omega Super, skin-friendly cleaning products, super active, solvent-free
Highly effective cleaner on colloidal base, skin friendly, non-toxic, solvent-free, with corrosion protection

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Welcome to OMEGA Super,
the perfectly new step on the cleaning sector!

The large market of the cleaning agents brought something new out, a cleaner on colloidal base, OMEGA Super. OMEGA Super promises to eliminate persistent fats and oil leaves without scrubbing.

The completely new,
colloidal effect places conventional cleaning agents with alkaline effect into the shadow. All materials like plastics, wood, all metals, textiles, stones and even the human skin are not attacked, but OMEGA Super protects their surface. Because of the strength effect of the colloids the cleaning takes place mechanically and not by chemical processes those environment  damage. The holding of the dirt particles at the  surface is removed, as the fixed dirt cooperation is resolved. Thus the foil can be removed easily.

OMEGA Super is at the same time so strong in the result and so gentle in the effect that it is used even for the cleaning of oil-contaminated sea birds. OMEGA Super is biologically degradable to 95%. Additionally it is non-toxic and compatible to the skin, so that the skin is not attacked or drained. Due its unique formulation OMEGA Super works equally well in fresh or salt water. OMEGA Super does not attack plastics, colors and building materials; it works anti-corrosive and is compatible with all metals, including Titanium. Finally OMEGA Super contains no organic solvents and is not flammable and not explosive.

OMEGA Super is a HACCP-examined top cleaning agent.
Certificate of free Sale, the Safety Data Sheet and Expertise: (U.S.-Air force: MIL-C-25769J, Scientific Material International Inc., U.S.-Department of Agriculture, Royal Institute of Public Health & Hygiene in London) are present.

OMEGA Super is laid on easily on the surface (with a sponge, a rag, a sprayer or a cleaning machine), and after a short time to weave in the fat slides automatically down and thereafter can be rinsed away easily with water. No hard pressure or rubbing is necessary!!!

OMEGA Super possesses the unusual characteristic not directly to evaporate, even if it will leave exaggerated for a long time on the surfaces. One can let it off influence over night and on the following day rinse out with water by a  high-pressure machine or with water only. The result will be the same, as if you have finished the job in sequence.

OMEGA Super is a homogenous blend of
colloids, sequesterants, surfactants, preservatives and hyper-wetting agents that, by the unique process of formulation and concentration become super active. It contains monoethanolamines,  not-ionic substances, oil of pine, and dyestuffs.

OMEGA Super works as a
colloidal agent differently than common soaps and detergents, a perfectly new step in the area of cleaning.

OMEGA Super works equally well in fresh or salt water.

Components such as Phenols, Chlorine Contents, Petroleum Solvents, Borates, Phosphates, Halogens, Creosols, Butylcellusolves, Metasilicates, Laural Sulphates, and Sulphonates are not used.

OMEGA Super - a colloidal cleaning agent !!!
Convince yourself of its astonishing cleaning effiency !!!


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